Charges & Fees

• (very) 4K walls contains In-App Purchases as donations to the developer. Please keep in mind that In-App Purchases are not refundable.

• (very) 4K walls application contains many high quality wallpapers. Application may use your internet data heavily. Please be aware of the additional charges from Internet Data Provider or Mobile Carrier. You are responsible for all of the data fee charges.


CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 or Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International. This type of license is applied for most of the wallpapers.

Limited. Only some wallpapers use this type of licensing. You are not allowed to share wallpaper (original or derivative) and/or use it for commercial purposes in any circumstance. Strictly only for personal use. Exception: If wallpaper has been applied on a device and User would like to share a screenshot of homescreen setup, it is allowed to show off wallpaper in such context with giving proper credit to wallpaper's creator.

Unsplash. Wallpapers that are picked from Unsplash are using this license.

Data Collections

• (very) 4K walls use Google AdMob, Google Analytics and OneSignal notification service. You can turn them off via in-application settings. No In-App Purchases needed.


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  2. Second revision - 20/8/2019
  3. Third revision - 29/10/2019
  4. Fourth revision - 1/9/2020


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